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Additional Resources
The internet offers an abundance of additional information that is but a few clicks of the mouse away.  Just a word of caution - some of what is found out there is good and some of it is downright deceiving and misleading - either deliberately or inadvertently.  Always be particularly cautious of those websites that are advertising supported since they may have alternative motives in what they are recommending or offering.

What follows are a few suggestions where additional information on a variety of senior services and home health services can be found.*
Services and Organizations
  • Utah Aging and Adult Services.  Provides a link between the national Administration on Aging and local programs.  A great source of govenment-sponsored information for Utah's seniors. (Link)

  • Administration on Aging (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services).  Promotes the well-being of older individuals through services and programs designed to help them live independently.  (Link)

  • Senior Health Insurance Program.  Education to seniors regarding their Medicare choices by the Utah Insurance Department.  (Link)

  • Family Caregiver Alliance.  Provides assistance when you find yourself preparing for caregiving assistance.  (Link)

  • National Care Planning Council.  A comprehensive resource for all types of elder care, senior services, and care planning. (Link)

  • Mountainland Association of Governments.  A voluntary association of local governments that provides information and resources for seniors. (Link)

  • Drugwatch.  Provides information on senior health issues, medication side effects, antibiotic concerns, and details on Type 2 diabetes. (Link)

  • Fall Prevention.  An excellent source of information from the National Council on Aging on fall prevention and best practices designed to reduce the likelihood of falls. (Link)

  • Fall Prevention.  Another excellent source of information from Dusquesne University School of Nursing on fall prevention and best practices designed to reduce the likelihood of falls. (Link)

  • Planning for the Future.  Provides needed background to educate oneself on planning for your healthcare and financial future. (Link)

  • Healthy Diets and Eating.  GERDhelp promotes the TIF® procedure for treating reflex.  It also provides helpful information and tips about healthy diets and eating habits to assist older adults age easier. (Link)

  • Tuck Sleep.  The Tuck Sleep Foundation is a community devoted to improving sleep hygiene, health, and wellness, especially among older adults. (Link)

  • Nifty Benefits.  A senior’s guide to healthy eating which highlights the importance of proper nutrition and eating healthy in the golden years. (Link)

  • Mesothelioma Assistance.  For those that have mesothelioma, this site provides critical information on available support and services. (Link)

  • Alzheimer's Study - "Out of Sight Out of Mind".  A truly interesting article summarizing a study conducted by the Vision & Cognition Lab at Boston University on Alzheimer’s patients.  Well worth the read! (Link)

  • Health Tips for Living Your Best Years Beyond 65.  There is quite a bit of information that can be found and read on senior health, but this short one-page article is particularly insightful. (Link)

*Disclaimer:  The linked information contained herein is provided only as general information.  Emerald Care does not ensure that the information is necessarily accurate and current.  As such, users are responsible for independently verifying any and all information. The inclusion of these links does not imply endorsement or support of the linked information, services, products, or providers.
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