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Our Core Values
We aren't shy to say that Emerald Care has some of the most caring and dedicated people you will find in the in-home support services business.  There is never a question that each and every individual under our care are receiving the love, the compassion, and the services that will make their lives - and all those around them - as easy and rewarding as possible.  We make it our mission to take the worry out of worry and to make the transition to in-home support seamless.

Our core values are the DNA of Emerald Care.  They define who we are, how we go about our business, how we perform, what we believe in, and - most importantly - what we stand for.

  • People are the heart of our business.  We employ only professional, high performing team players focused on delivering and drawing on our collective expertise.  

  • We focus on deeply understanding the people and the needs of all those that engage us.

  • Our reputation is built on trust and honesty.

  • Integrity and character are as important as ability.

  • Few things in this world are as powerful as a smile, and because of that, we tend to smile a lot!
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